Cosmeceutical Line Ester-C

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It is scientifically proven that a diet rich in vitamin C is an indispensable requirement for maintaining our state of health and, in recent years, vitamin C has also become one of the substances of greatest cosmetic interest. ESTER-C® is an exceptional form of vitamin C patented after 1989, consisting of natural non-acid metabolites of vitamin C, which improve its absorption and retention in the body and allow to supply up to four times more acid ascorbic acid in the tissues that use it. ESTER-C® is active on various processes responsible for skin aging:

- neutralizes free radicals caused by stress, smoke and pollution.
- inhibits the production of melanin.
- protects and repairs the skin from damage caused by UV rays.
- penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates the synthesis of co llagen.
- cancels fine wrinkles and reduces deep ones.