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Fixed and recurring thoughts. Hyperactivity and mental stress.

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White Chestnut is indicated for those whose thoughts, often fixed and recurring, run wild without stopping. The mind is continuously active, day and night, non-stop and often one suffers from insomnia. Internally, the same problems continue to be worked out without stopping.
It is often difficult to sleep, especially early in the morning.
White Chestnut gives peace and calm to the mind and allows you to relax and find inner stillness at the end of a working day.
In this way our truest intuitions and all the solutions to our problems can emerge.


Symptoms of imbalance: fixed and recurring thoughts, the mind is continuously active without ever stopping and can cause insomnia and incessant worries
Balance: stasis and mental cleansing, clarity, calm, tranquility, inner center of peace

Recommended doses

To take the essence, it must be diluted as follows:
fill a glass bottle with dropper of 30 ml with water for 3/4 of the volume, and for 1/4 with brandy, which serves as a preservative.
Add 2 drops of each floral essence chosen, contained in the stock bottle.
Before taking, shake the bottle slightly to keep the essences in a more powerful vibrational state.
Take 4 drops under the tongue, 4 times a day.
Increase or decrease the frequency of intake according to personal sensitivity to flower essences.
Keep away from electromagnetic sources such as computers, cell phones, TVs ..

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