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Social and family conditioning

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Natur Bach Flower Essences

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This remedy is useful in all those life situations in which important changes occur such as: a new job, divorce, retirement age, psychotherapy, beginnings of faith or spiritual paths; or biological changes such as: period of teething, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, andropause, disease. In these moments one is particularly tense, under pressure and fickle. Walnut also helps pioneering and unconventional personalities, who are often precursors of new ideals and thoughts. In all these cases, however, the risk of being too emotional, of falling back into old habits or clinging to conventional patterns or ancient family traditions is high, one can fall into doubt influenced by the external environment. Walnut allows for profound change and to remain true to your higher self. It gives the ability to be free and able to travel towards new and beneficial horizons.


Indicated for periods of internal or external change and for all those phases of life in which it is important not to be influenced by family patterns and by the behaviors and judgments of society. For those who risk being influenced by the external environment and by others, risking making bad choices in the path of their life.

Recommended doses

Take 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day or as needed.
Keep away from electromagnetic sources such as computers, cell phones, TVs.

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