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About us

Natur supports the well-being of the person by offering a series of products that aim to achieve a perfect psycho-physical balance.


Natur was founded in June 1987 by Dr. Paolo Marchiori, who currently directs it.

Natur is today the symbol of Italian flower therapy produced with consistency, seriousness and quality in compliance with the true principles and original preparation methods of Dr. Edward Bach.

Natur selects only the best of flower therapy from around the world , offering intact, powerful and excellent quality vibrational remedies that help the potentials preserved in our “state interior ”to blossom with kindness.
The choice of raw materials comes from wild plants harvested with respect in their natural environment or from organic crops with biodynamic certification . The production processes take place according to the highest standards of purity. The entire production chain is subject to scrupulous controls to ensure the maximum quality of the products.

Flower therapy and vibrational remedies

It is the widest range of products offered in Europe with more than 20 brands from all over the world.

We can divide our offer of vibrational remedies into:
Bach flower therapy

Natur Bach Flower Essences
Healing Herbs by Julian Barnard
Bach Nelson Center

Essenze Australiane

Living Essences by Vasuveda Barnao
Bush Flower Essences

Californian essences

Flower Essences Society by Richard Kats and Patricia Kaminski

Natur Mix Line
Other essences from the world

Alaskan Flower Essences by Steve Johnson and Judith Poelarends
Himalayan Enhancer by Tanmaya
DEVA French Laboratories
PHI Essences by Andreas Korte
Wild Earth Animal Essences by Daniel Mapel
Indigo Essences by Ann Callaghan
Findhorn Essences by Marion Leigh
Cristalmantra Tibetan Waters by Norma Stocco
Precious stones Bhattacharya
Le Fatine Sweet Dream Patagonia
Desert Alchemy by Cinthya Scherer

Natur Essentials

Supplements and Nutraceuticals

The range of supplements offered is innovative and of high quality.

They are products with highly selected materials, produced in Italy and abroad, mainly in England (Viridian and Biocare) and in the USA (Klamath Alga by E3Live).

The formulations are indicated for people intolerant (Lactose and Gluten), but also for the specific needs of mothers and children as the raw materials are strictly controlled and derive from organic and high quality ingredients.

They are also suitable for elderly, seriously ill and convalescent, as the patents and formulations used guarantee the maximum bioavailability.

Our natural supplements are ideal for those who follow a specific diet such as the vegan one, and for those who choose Organic: by choosing Viridian more than 50% of the range is certified Organic by the Food and Soil Association, it is a range where ethics and the environment are the fundamental values. 

Natur Natural supplements


With PNEI Pharma we propose a series of products used for over 30 years in treatment and in strengthening of the immune system.

They have been successfully used in biological tumor therapies, in preventive and anti-aging medicine.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Functional Food researcher Hirochi Maeda, the product Superbran is imported from Japan, a supplement based on a purple rice fiber, the Orizalose, very effective for strengthening the immune system and in delaying aging.

Natur Immune system

Organic and Natural Cosmetics

Floritherapy is used in an innovative way in the Natur Milano body product range for the management of emotions through the skin.

The registered trademark Eau De Parfum Emotionnel guarantees the use of essences to manage and stimulate both personal and couple emotions. The range includes perfumes, body creams, shower gels and soaps, all organic and certified.

With Jason Natural Care, the US brand of most famous natural cosmetics in the world, we offer the widest range of natural cosmetic products , without parabens, without preservatives and chemical additives. In Italy we import a selection of body products, oral hygiene and cosmetic facial treatments based on Vitamin Ester C.

Natur Natural cosmetics