Immune system

Pnei and defense of the person

Immune system – Natur

Natur’s PNEI Pharma line and personal defense devices.

The PNEI line takes its cue from the current knowledge deriving from the study of this new medical discipline, psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology.

Based on this knowledge, the PNEI Natur line was born, a range of products designed to support and integration of traditional oncological therapies.


Management and Marketing

Via M. Macchi 10
20124 Milan Italy
VAT Number 02818790236
REA: MI – 1557813
Tel. 026693950 – Fax 026700708

Administration and logistics

Via San Salvaro 4/6 37045
San Pietro di Legnago (VR)
Tel. 0442601634 – Fax 0442601028


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