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Natur New Food Supplement

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All products of the line Natur New Food Supplements are suitable for people who follow a vegan diet.

According to recent data, the lactose intolerance is a disorder that almost affects 70% of the population of southern Europe, and is caused by a deficiency of lactase, the enzyme that allows digestion, and by an impaired absorption capacity by the intestine. 
The most common symptoms of lactose intolerance are: flatulence, bloating, abdominal cramps , diarrhea and excessive weight loss.

The therapy against lactose intolerance is of the food type and involves the reduction or total exclusion from the diet of foods containing lactose.

For this reason Natur has created a line of food supplements New Food Supplement naturally lactose-free and without the addition of milk derivatives.

New Food Supplement organic vegan natural food supplements
New Food Supplement organic vegan natural food supplements

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Natur New Food Supplements

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New Food Supplement organic vegan natural food supplements

Those suffering from celiac disease are well aware that even the slightest gluten contamination can cause very serious consequences.

This is why Natur has created a line of certified Gluten Free supplements for those suffering from celiac disease, but needs to supplement their diet effectively and safely.

Among these supplements, some are specifically designed to support the well-being of people with celiac disease, whose intestines are compromised and strongly altered.

The pregnancy is an extraordinary moment in a woman’s life, the which, however, needs an eye for nutrition, with the aim of taking care of its health and that of the child to be born.

childhood is also a period in which you need to be sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs to grow healthy and strong. 

For these reasons Natur has formulated a line of Natural food supplements which are guaranteed 100% safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and babies during the first months of life.

New Food Supplement organic vegan natural food supplements