Natur srl

Natur is today the symbol of holistic medicine and Italian flower therapy produced with consistency, seriousness and quality in compliance with the true principles and original preparation methods of Dr. Edward Bach.

Natur supports the well-being of the person by offering a series of products that aim to achieve a perfect psycho-physical balance. Natur selects only the best of flower therapy from around the world , offering vibrational remedies that are intact, powerful and of excellent quality that help the potentials stored in our “inner state” to blossom with kindness.
The choice of raw materials comes from wild plants harvested with respect in their natural environment or from organic crops with biodynamic certification . The production processes take place according to the highest standards of purity. The entire production chain is subject to scrupulous controls to ensure the maximum quality of the products.

Health is our heritage, our right

Edward Bach