Essenze Natur Mix

From Nature, the best for emotional well-being.

Natur Mix Essences

From the energy of Nature, the best for the well-being of your emotions.

The Natur Mix are 17 compound formulas

There are moments when you feel that something is wrong: a little tired, a sudden anxiety; or you simply need to find a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

The Natur Mixes are obtained by mixing the best essences from the most pristine natural areas of the planet. Seventeen unique combinations, the result of the most advanced research in the field of flower therapy, able to harmonize emotions, mind and body.

To help you find or refine the your natural emotional balance, Natur mixed the best vibrational remedies & nbsp; existing among flowers, buds and animals.

Natur Mix
Natur Mix

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The compound formulas

Natur has at its disposal the best vibrational remedies from all over the world and carefully selects them to donate to each of its formulas its own identity and the optimal vibration to harmonize in a targeted manner every emotional imbalance.

For the preparation of these products Natur has chosen to use water alkaline ionized, a powerful natural antioxidant.

Thanks to the exclusive harmonization process, all previous memories are erased. The result is pure, healthy and living water, ready to enhance the vibrational energy of the added essences.
The alcoholic base used is French Organic Brandy 40 ° (Alcohol 13.3% vol.) Ecocert certified. Alcohol serves as a preservative for the added essences which, in this way, will keep their energy unchanged.

Natur mix