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Natur mix

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Natur Mix - Natur flower therapy

Natur srl is the official producer of the Natur Mix Essences.

The Natur Mix are 17 compound formulas , obtained by mixing the best essences from the most uncontaminated natural areas on the planet.

Natur Mix - Vibrational remedies that harmonize emotions, mind and body

To help you find or perfect your natural emotional balance , Natur has mixed the best vibrational remedies existing among flowers, gems and animals, giving life to compound formulas that contain all the extraordinary energetic power of nature.

The 17 compound formulas are:

  • CALM! : if you feel distressed, agitated or restless. It's time to take a deep breath and find all the serenity you deserve.
  • REBORN! : When you are no longer interested in things you used to like or if you feel sad and melancholy. Back to shine.
  • SET YOURSELF FREE! : If you feel trapped in obsessive ideas and behaviors, as if you feel compelled to do something. Untie the mold and find your freedom.
  • GO BACK! : When you feel like you are stopped at a red light. You are irritable, stressed, tired. You need to put the first and start again.
  • LOVES! : If you do not feel serene in living your emotional and sexual sphere, if you feel inhibited or if you lack pleasure. To return to love in the fullest of your possibilities.
  • LIGHT AND HARMONY! : To develop awareness of your path in the world, to increase inner harmony and the ability to authenticate yourself and others.
  • COURAGE! : If fear is too often the protagonist of your days or if it appears even at night with nightmares that disturb you. To find the courage hidden within you.
  • CREATE! : When your creativity needs a boost, when it's time to bring out all your liveliness and produce interesting ideas and projects. When it's time to do.
  • SUPER! : When you have too many things to do and you feel that you have little energy to go through everything. There is a need for a recharge of vitality.
  • GOAL ACHIEVED! : When you have an important job to complete or an exam to prepare and, despite good will, concentration is lacking! To find the right determination and score!
  • YOU SMILE! : If something has made you angry or someone has made you angry, if you feel disappointed or bitter. It's time to smile again, inside and out.
  • DIET! : When some bad habit has left unwanted aftermath on your fitness. To find all your determination and enjoy yourself again.
  • CHANGE! : When you lose a loved one or a friendship or when you have a great transformation to go through. To get used to the change and soothe the pain.
  • MIRACLES! : When it is time to renew confidence in yourself and in the opportunities of the Universe. To develop faith and celebrate openness to abundance.
  • PEACE! : To find peace in people, in things, in the world. I forgive you, because today I forgave myself.
  • ONCOPSY! : To rediscover the pleasure of life, the strength to face change, to open up to love and spirituality in those suffering from a serious pathology.
  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF! : If you are experiencing a traumatic situation, a shock, a moment of emergency.