Essences of English Orchids

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Essences of English Orchids - Natur Flower Therapy

This line was born in 1998, by Don Dennis with the help of a highly specialized team in metaphysics, kinesiology and flower therapy and is one of the very few companies in the world to have a repertoire solely based on the use of orchids.

English Orchid Essences - Formulation

The orchid essences are completely made in the Milland Valley, on the border between the counties of Sussex and Hampshire, with orchids grown for this purpose in special greenhouses. These orchids are all of tropical origin but come from different regions of the world and the essences are produced using the whole plant.

The active element in an "essence" is the etheric, healing energy of the plant. Based on Dr. Edward Bach's tradition of remedies, the essences do not contain any chemical traces of the plant, but only brandy or cognac, used as preservatives. The etheric energy of the plant corresponds to the "chi" in our body which is treated in Chinese acupuncture. When the "chi" of the orchid enters our energy path, we experience the benefit of the strength and wisdom of the plant. Our body therefore has the possibility to "enter into dialogue" with the energy of the orchid. Living Tree Orchids are not only remedies intended to act in the presence of negative symptoms, but they are also "enhancers", ie they are essences capable of promoting and improving particular traits of the soul and paths of inner and spiritual growth.