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Essences the Patagonia Fairies

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Essences the Patagonia Fairies - Natur Flower Therapy

Natur srl is the official dealer of the SWEET DREAMS Essences the original Patagonia Fairies.

The birth of SWEET DREAMS is linked to a legend according to which a young and humble Indian won the love of the son of a tribal chief who, for unknown reasons, suffered from severe pain and could not sleep. Thanks to the flower Calceolaria biflora, the girl was able to give him a peaceful and peaceful sleep and tied him to herself.

SWEET DREAMS is a floral essence of Patagonia, the natural habitat of the flower used - Calceolaria biflora - is the highland steppe, at about 3000 m, on the Andes mountain range.

The mother essence is produced by the method of sunburn.