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Californian flowers FES - Natur flower therapy

Natur srl is the official reseller of the original FES Californian Essences.

Californian flowers FES - The Creators

The FES, Flower Essence Society , was founded by Richard Katz in 1979. Richard Katz and his wife Patricia Kaminski are partners in both private and professional life and have co-directed the Flower Essence Society since 1980.

The Flower Essence Society represents a point of reference of primary importance in the field of research on flower essences since it operates in close contact with 50,000 professionals active in about 50 countries around the world: almost 40 years of case studies, reports subjected to a very strict protocol and feedback, which have contributed to building a solid professional reputation for excellence and the effectiveness of essences .

FES Californian Flowers - Use of FES Californian Flowers

The FES flower essences address with extreme accuracy all the problems relating to today's society, noting every aspect of contemporary man in careful and precise way. The individual essences address each type of issue in a targeted way, probing the various nuances and related implications, providing insights for in-depth analysis: unregulated rhythms of life, addictions, sexuality, couple problems , motherhood, family, childhood, work, social, spiritual and many others. The FES flower essences offer a profound effect of well-being on the physical, emotional and mental level of the individual, supporting him in his life path and promoting spiritual awareness.

Californian flowers FES - The line attentive to the environment

The FES Quintessentials are prepared with flowers grown in the organic and biodynamic gardens of TERRA FLORA or with wild flowers from from pristine habitats. The Co-Creation of Essences takes place in the "Laboratory of Nature" through the participation of the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire and a fifth element consisting of the sensitivity and awareness of the trainer.

The Flower essences , their blends, oils and creams based on flower essences , herbs and essential oils , are produced in TERRA FLORA , in Nevada City, California. The Terra Flora gardens are a 27-acre complex at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. They are a sanctuary for wildlife and a reserve of wild flowers, many of which are part of the Repertory of FES Flower Essences . Terra Flora obtained the official Biodynamic® certification in 1997, from the Demeter Association. The term Biodynamic includes many of the principles of organic farming , such as the exclusion of all chemicals and GMOs and, at the same time, conveys the principle that every single part of the garden constitutes a whole. connected both to the Earth, considered in the concept of a living organism, and to the cosmic rhythms of the moon, sun, planets and stars which integrate the true identity of the Earth itself. Biodynamic agriculture therefore takes into account the well-being of every form of life that inhabits and at the same time constitutes the complex organism to which it belongs: the Earth.

The TERRA FLORA gardens enjoy a double certification: organic and biodynamic. These certifications represent the highest standards for sustainable land use. FES products are certified ORGANIC or made with organic ingredients from spontaneous flora.

The preservation brandy is also Biodynamic® certified by Demeter.

Alongside organic and biodynamic production choices, the FES contributes to preserving the well-being of the planet Earth with eco-friendly decisions in all business aspects , from composting to packaging to recycling. It financially supports local, national and international environmental and social organizations also with product donations.