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Wild Animal Essences - Natur Flower Therapy

The essences of Wild Animals were born in 1996 by Daniel Mapel, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. Always revered as a support and guide since the ancient times of the first primitive peoples, animals are able to provide us with pure energy and a primordial personal power that derives directly from their divine and instinctive essence, in close contact with the Earth and its balances. .

No animal is captured or harmed during the preparation process of the essences, because these are born following a process of attunement with the spirit of the invoked animal. It is in fact a harmonization ceremony that takes place directly in the habitat of the species. During the process, the spirit of the animal is invoked through special meditations. The liquid of the preparation absorbs the vibrational imprint of the animal's essence and is charged with its vital energy.

The essences of Wild Animals are vibrational remedies, just like the flower essences or the elixirs of crystals and stones, which help us to find harmony and inner balance in all phases of our life.

Information on animal essences

When an animal essence is assumed, it is the conscience of the animal that interacts with our conscience. This interaction occurs in the form of gentle support.

Through the ancestral reconnection to our guide animal we will be able to find our truest and most instinctive parts in accordance with the laws of Nature.

There are many methods of taking essence, you can experiment and choose the one that best suits your case. Generally 5-7 drops are recommended, to be taken 3 or 4 times a day, between meals. You can, if necessary, increase or decrease the doses: a greater number of drops is not harmful, but it can be a waste.

Vibrational remedies can be taken orally by diluting the drops in a small glass of water, or directly under the tongue. They are equally effective added to a hot bath.

The effects of the remedies are amplified by a quiet moment of reflection and meditation on the chosen animal and on the characteristics that distinguish it.