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Arizona Desert Essences - Natur Flower Therapy

Desert Alchemy was born from a synergy between individuals and the kingdom of nature in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. It was founded in 1983 as an organization dedicated to the preparation and research of desert flower essences. In a short time, and due to the requests of the buyers, Desert Alchemy started distributing the essences of the desert all over the world. Its intent is to spread the energies of the desert plants with enthusiasm and treasuring the experience acquired: all the flower essences are co-created with the support of the wild desert nature, in the places where each plant grows.

Chynthia Athina Kemp Scherer, founder, has great experience in all aspects of the production of flower essences: attunement with nature, co-creation of essences, research of their qualities with a sensitive tuning and practical application, use in counseling sessions and promotion of workshops on essences and their use.

Arizona Desert Essences - The line

He created the collection of 119 Desert Alchemy Flower Essences , obtained from some wild flowers of the semi-desert areas of Arizona. Most of these are cactus flowers of the Sonoran Desert, flowers of some trees and other kinds of wild flora.

What differentiates and characterizes Desert Alchemy flower essences is certainly the particular environment in which the plants grow: the desert. Conditions are extreme and plant life has had to develop surprising energies to adapt to the very high temperatures and long periods of drought. They have developed extraordinary strategies to survive, blooming at night, searching for water in the depths of the soil thanks to very long roots and defending themselves from the environment with thorns.

Also in the desert there are possibilities for extraordinarily fast growth, alternating with periods of forced retreat to preserve life force.

The idea that the great inner life force of these plants can somehow be transferred to the human organism and used as a positive stimulus has inspired the creation of essences drawn from their flowers. Many remedies are blended to form a large number of compound formulas, and many are still being studied. The emotional states for which these essences are particularly suitable are emotional imbalances due to interpersonal relationships, self-doubt, excessive rationality, the inability to control situations or to accept novelties, the slavery of prejudices and habits.