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Aum Indian Essences - Natur Flower Therapy

From the healing vibrations of the Himalayas a unique line of its kind.

The Himalayas is the Indian mountain range known for its pure spiritual energies.
Aum Himalaya Sanjeevini Essences Private Limited is the company that uses the purest spiritual energies in the form of essences or remedies from the Himalayan range.

Aum Indian Essences - The line

The Aum Indian Essences line was founded by Doctors Rupa and Atul Shah. Both coming from traditional healing techniques, they then specialized in the search for floral essences and essences of crystals and stones for the treatment of emotions and particular physical ailments and diseases.
Their research has in fact led to the preparation of special remedies, specific for each vital organ of the body and for different types of pain and inflammation and diseases. The product range includes, in addition to flower essences, gem elixirs, ready-to-use combination flower / gem formulas, pet formulas, chakra preparations and special energy remedies aimed at meditation, that help to continue on one's path of awareness, thanks to the energy of unique flowers that symbolize the Himalayas, such as the Lotus.

Indian flower essences are not herbal extracts, essential oils or perfumes, but simply an extension of the Bach flower remedy system. They bring comfort and relief to the mind, emotions and body.