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The use of high quality vegetable raw materials, with a high percentage of certified organic ingredients, makes the products of the Viridian Nutrition line particularly suitable for those who follow a vegan diet, for those suffering from food intolerances and, more generally, for those who seek total security on the origin of the ingredients and their ethical characteristics. Food supplements are produced with integrity, quality and innovation.

Purity and simplicity : The Viridian Nutrition Line is formulated to be healthy and effective. The capsules, products in liquid or powder form are prepared in the purest and simplest way possible, guaranteeing 100% active ingredients, non-irradiated and non-GMO, without additives, added sugars, artificial colors or flavors.

Green Business Viridian Nutrition's ethical philosophy includes the commitment to obtain the minimum environmental impact: more than 40% of the products are certified organic by the Soil Association which guarantees the origin and eco-compatibility of the ingredients. The packaging is kept to a minimum and is made only of recycled material.

Care : Our mission is to ensure health and well-being in everything we do. From the fields where our ingredients are grown to the use of recycled products for packaging, we want to follow the ethical principle of taking care of others as we take care of ourselves. The philosophy at the heart of Viridian Nutrition supports the creation of natural products, organic crops, the respectful protection of ancient traditions of natural medicine and the creation of innovative food supplements.

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