Alaska essences

The Floral Essences of Alaska were created by Steve Johnson starting in 1983, in the Alaska Range.

In Alaska, nature is pure, flowers and plants grow vital and intact on one of the lands least contaminated by human action.

In this ecosystem, the seasons alternate quickly, relentlessly, making the plant species perfect examples of adaptability and transformation, vigor and vital energy.
The vibrational energy of the flowers transforms the old into the new, catalyzes change deeply and dynamically.
Since the plants flourish on a thin layer of soil that lies under the permafrost, they are able to grow even on permanently frozen lands.
This makes their healing ability unique in the world.

Steve Johnson is also the pioneer of Environmental Essences : essences obtained with the vibrational charge and energy of unique events and environments such as Northern Lights, Summer Solstices in Greenland and glaciers.

The line also includes Gems Elixirs : essences that come from the Mineral Kingdom of Stones and Crystals that favor a profound transformation of the energetic structure of our body and of our mental, spiritual and emotional states.
The healing energies contained in the gem elixirs are an expression of the non-physical energy structure of the mineral kingdom: a powerful energy matrix that helps balance and stabilize all physical forms.

The Compound Formulas of Alaska combine the Floral, Environmental Essences and the Elixirs of Gems, configuring themselves as unique in terms of purity and energetic vitality.

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