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Alaska Flowers - Natur Flower Therapy

Natur srl is the official dealer of the original Alaska essences.

Flowers of Alaska - The Origins

The Floral Essences of Alaska were created by Steve Johnson starting in 1983, in the Alaska Range, the highest mountains in North America. Alaska represents one of the lands least contaminated by human action, nature is still wonderfully pure and plants and flowers grow vital and intact. The solitary ecosystem and the particular atmospheric conditions of these regions, where the seasons alternate quickly, make the plant species that inhabit these places perfect examples of vigor, vital energy, adaptability and transformation. The vibrational energy of these flowers transforms the old into the new and catalyzes change in a profound and dynamic way. The plants of Alaska , in fact, bloom on a thin layer of soil that lies under the permafrost and can also grow on permanently frozen lands.

Flowers of Alaska - The Line

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project is the only essence manufacturer in the world to have devised a system of vibrational cures based on the creative relationship between plants, minerals and the forces of nature. This tripartite system is based on the special energetic and healing properties that each kingdom has to offer and on the synergy produced by their combination. In particular, the line includes:

Flower Essences : they awaken the capacity for inner conscience, leading us to greater openness and to complete our life lesson with understanding and awareness.

Elixir of Gems : stabilize and restructure our energy system, so that our body is kept in balance while our consciousness grows and expands.

Environmental Essences : the environment, through the elements of air, earth, fire and water, provides vital nourishment for all living beings. Environmental Essences provide the powerful energetic properties we need to create and sustain change at the root of our being.

Alaska Flowers - Sacred Space Spray

They are 8 sprays, obtained from unique blends of Floral , Gem and Environmental essences. They have been formulated to tackle the daunting task of keeping us healthy in a fast-paced, crowded world weighed down by the stagnant and toxic energies of pollution, electrical machinery, the people around us and our negative emotional states. Thanks to the Sacred Space Sprays we can purify the environments in which we live and ourselves with the fresh vibrational notes of the nature of Alaska , creating sacred and clean spaces where the souls, upon entering, rise again.