Alaska Compound Formula - Beyond Words 30 ml Dosage

Alaska Compound Formula - Beyond Words 30 ml Dosage

Alaska Compound Formula - Beyond Words 30 ml Dosage

Communication and expression.

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This formula improves our ability to express and communicate, both verbal and non-verbal, and assists us in all those moments or periods of life in which it is of fundamental importance to express oneself and communicate one's personality. Wonderful to use for public speaking, speaking during lectures or workshops, job interviews and team work.

It helps us:

  • - organize your thoughts in a linear and effective way
  • - increase strength and self-confidence so that you can express yourself with liveliness, fluidity, naturalness and in full self-awareness, even in more delicate situations such as controversies, public speaking or conflicts in relationships
  • - feel through the heart and affirm one's truth from the heart; communicate your feelings and emotions without defensive attitudes
  • - improve your ability to listen to the physical and non-physical world, clarifying the confusion between what you know and what you feel.


Improves communication and expression skills. Liveliness, fluidity and naturalness in all moments when you have to speak in front of others. To express yourself and communicate the truth of your feelings and tune in to listening to others.


The standard dosage is 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day. Increase or decrease the frequency of intake depending on your personal sensitivity to flower essences. Shake lightly before use to maintain the energy of the essences in an enhanced state. Keep away from electromagnetic sources, TV, cell phones, computers.

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Communication and expression.

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