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Bach Flowers - Natur Flower Therapy

Natur srl is the official producer and distributor of Bach Flowers from all over the world.

Bach flowers are flower remedies created by the doctor Edward Bach.

The 38 Bach flowers are used in flower therapy , a practice that belongs to the vast world of alternative medicines or natural therapies. Bach flowers offer a stimulus for change. They do not heal the individual but help him to increase his strength and inner awareness. They can be used indiscriminately by adults, the elderly, babies, children and even by animals.

The Bach flower list includes 38 single flower remedies and a blend of five different flowers called Rescue Remedy , an emergency remedy used to treat acutely manifesting ailments.

By combining some types of flowers, you can also create numerous personalized blends. It is therefore possible to create Bach flower remedies for fatigue and loss of concentration (White Chestnut, Clematis, Chestnut Bud, Elm, Impatiens, Gentiam, Larch, Star Of Bethlehem), Bach flower remedies for nervous hunger ( Agrimony, Elm, Cherry Plum, Oak, Pine), Bach flower remedies for sleep (White Chestnut, Impatiens, Aspen, Agrimony, Red Chestnut, Oak), Bach flower remedies for headache (Rock rose, Clematis, Cherry plum, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Gentiana, Mimulus, Centaury), Bach flower remedies for menopause (Scleranthus, Crab Apple, Honeysuckle, Beech, Aspen), Bach flower remedies for hyperactive children (Cherry Plum, Heather, Impatiens, Oak, Rescue Remedy) and much more.

Bach flowers - the complete list

Agrimony, Aspen, Beech, Centaury, Cerato, Cherry Plum, Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Clematis, Crab Apple, Elm, Gentian, Gorse, Heather, Holly, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Impatients, Larch, Mimulus, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Pine , Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Rock Water, Scleranthus, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Vervain, Vine, Walnut, Water Violet, White Chestnut, Wild Oat, Wild Rose, Willow

Bach flowers to combat anxiety: Rescue Remedy and Primo Conforto:

Rescue Remedy is the universal remedy composed of 5 mixed infusions, it is a sort of emergency remedy suitable for both severe and mild anxiety states: from sudden tremor to respiratory crisis from tachycardia to panic attacks.

Primo Conforto behaves in a similar way, it is a mixture of Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Star of Betlehem, Clemantis and Impatiens which, acting in synergy with each other, constitute a sort of natural 'first aid' to better face the difficult moment.

Bach flowers: the history

Bach flowers are natural remedies identified in the thirties by Edward Bach. These are essences obtained from the maceration in water of different species of flowers and from the subsequent dilution in water.

Edward Bach believed that the human being becomes vulnerable to disease when an underlying resistance acts as an obstacle: this resistance can take the form of emotions such as anxiety, anger or mental rigidity.

Dr. Bach believed that the dew collected from plant flowers could contain some of the properties of the plant and that this was even more effective when collected on flowers grown in the sun. So he decided to pick the flowers and immerse them in a bowl of water placed under the sun's rays. Bach called the result of this process "mother tincture" .

He therefore founded flower therapy , which differs from phytotherapy because it uses extracts that contain the energetic strength of the flower, while phytotherapy uses therapeutic substances and acts on the disorder.

The Bach method combines the four elements: the earth that nourishes the plants, the air that feeds them, the sun or fire that allows them to impart strength and the water that heals with its magnetic and beneficial power.

What are Bach Flowers for?

Born in the field of herbal medicine and represent one of the most effective natural solutions for the treatment of emotional disorders, These drops work only in case of psychic and emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and insomnia.

The main purpose of Bach flowers is therefore to alleviate the psychological discomfort that underlies the physical symptom, in such a way as to reduce the latter as a direct consequence. One of the fundamental principles of this thought is in fact the idea that the body and the mind are closely connected to each other, and therefore condition each other.

How to choose Bach flowers

The first step to understand which is the most suitable flower for one's ailments is to ask oneself about one's own anxieties, one's inner disturbances and one's phobias, which say a lot about one's personality.

The numerous existing species were immediately divided into groups on the basis of the disorder for which they were indicated: for this reason it is possible to find Bach flowers for stress, shyness, panic, guilt and much more.

To deal with flower therapy and for self-prescription, you need to know your state of mind . There are seven types of moods to choose from: fear, uncertainty, loneliness, disinterest in the present, despair, tendency to be influenced by the ideas of others, excess of concern for others.

Bach flowers for children and pregnant women

Bach flowers are a truly universal remedy. They are therefore indicated during the stages of gestation, during the breastfeeding period as well as for infants, children, elderly people, subjects intolerant or allergic to gluten and people using drugs. Many of these extracts are in fact formulated without alcohol and also contain raw materials of certified organic origin .

It is a natural remedy useful in pregnancy in helping to manage those changes and emotional jolts typical of this phase. Not surprisingly, many people say they discovered this remedy during pregnancy.

The Bach flowers usually recommended in pregnancy are Mimulus, Elm, Rock rose, White chestnut, Scleranthus, Rescue Remedy, Mustard and Red Chestnut. They help to find relief during moments of despair and restlessness and allow to remove all those uncertainties that derive from fear and a sense of inadequacy.

Bach flowers can also be used on children and, according to Bach, it would be the little ones who enjoy the greatest benefits of flowers. In general, Bach Flowers for children are used in case of academic difficulties, restlessness, agitation, or to help very shy and reserved children to open up to others.

However, Bach flowers perform their function even if they are sprinkled in small doses on the child's body, clothes or pillow. Infants can be given the pacifier first dipped in boiled water with 2 drops of the chosen flower; if they are breastfed the drops can be diluted and applied to the mother's nipples before feeding.

Bach flowers for dogs and cats

Perhaps not everyone knows that Bach flowers can also be used for the "care" of pets . These remedies, especially if taken simultaneously by the owner and the animal, promote the development of a more empathic relationship between the two beings. Bach flowers can prove useful in case of sadness, distrust or even excessive exaltation of the animal. They can help them overcome some traumas related to abandonment or relocation as well as improve communication with their owner .

Effects and contraindications

Bach flowers are completely free of unwanted effects and contraindications . They do not cause allergies or addiction and do not even interfere with normal drug therapies. No medical prescription is required to use them and it is also possible to choose which mixture to use in total autonomy. The alcohol present in them acts only as a preservative and can be easily eliminated by subjecting the mixture to a source of heat.