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Precious Stones Essences - Natur Flower Therapy

From Indian wisdom, the power of gemmotherapy

This line was created as a result of the rigorous study of modern gemmotherapy by the Indian doctor Bhattacharyya and his son.
Referring to the therapeutic use of precious stones, the Indian doctor studied the correspondence of some of the most important gems and the chromatic scale that goes from ultraviolet to infrared.

Essences of gems and Bhattacharyya crystals

In all, 9 gems are used, each corresponding to a certain "cosmic color" of which it is rich in a specific way.

Ultraviolet ONYX - Violet SAPPHIRE
DIAMOND indigo - blue TOPAZ
Green EMERALD - yellow CORAL
PEARL orange - RUBY red
Infrared CAT EYE

According to Gemmotherapy, these colors become part of the constitution of the whole Universe, as can be observed by looking at everything through a prism.
The human body with all its cells also contains these colors which "nourish" and regulate, according to a precise correspondence, the various tissues and organic systems. If for any cause, a deficiency or alteration of some chromatic frequencies is created, disturbances and diseases appear.
By administering the extracts of the corresponding precious gems instead, it will be possible to make up for this deficiency and cure the various pathological systems.
By combining the alcoholic infusions obtained from these stones, Dr. Bhattacharyya also obtained a series of useful combinations to rebalance the effects that the use of a warm or cold color for the treatment of a certain pathology could cause in the organism, in the case of other weak organs.