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Living Essences of Australia has been researching and producing flower essences since Vasudeva Barnao began his pioneering work in 1977.

His wife, Kadambii, joined his research in 1983, and since then they have worked together with a large number of flowers across Australia.

Both began the exploration of the healing properties of flower essences following years of study regarding the interrelationships between mind and body. Before meeting, they both practiced meditation for a long time, believing it to be able to foster an intuitive sensitivity and inner peace necessary for understanding the potential of the human mind.

In the mid-1980s, Kadambii's work with the Nyoongah Aboriginal community led to the discovery of that community's oldest tradition of flower therapy. In this southwestern corner of Australia - known as the state of wildflowers - the research of Vasudeva and Kadambii found confirmation in the ancient practices of the Nyoongahs. they also soon learned about the ancient Buddhist tradition of flower therapy originating from Malaysia and Thailand, lands where there are temples once specialized in the treatment with flower essences.

The “Living” line derives from the particular method of preparation of the essences which does not involve any type of harvesting, or injury to the plant. Vasudeva and Kadambii were responsible for the discovery of the use of flower essences through acupoints, in a technique defined as floritherapeutic acupressure.

Living Essences can be used not only based on the psychological profile of the person, but also based on particular physical symptoms.

This technique, together with the creation of creams and lotions based on flower essences for the treatment of pain and arthritis, meant that Living essences were the first to be used in 18 hospitals in the Perth region. in Australia.

In 1989 Vasudeva and Kadambii also founded the LIFE ACADEMY: a four-year college certified and recognized by the Government of Australia which studies flower therapy applied to Chinese medicine, psychology, Yogic sciences and the study of the Chakra System.

In 1997 they published their third and most complete book entitled “Healing with Australian flowers” which contains the complete description of the specific techniques of diagnosis and application of essences through acupoints.


Every living being is characterized by its own vibrational capacity that distinguishes it from every other being and from everything that surrounds it. This vibrational state is regulated by the balance between internal and external vibrations. The absence of this balance can have negative effects on the quality of life.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences help to harmonize the vibrational imbalances that can negatively affect the emotional state of each of us. The use of Australian Flowers dates back to several civilizations prior to the birth of Christ who used the Flower Essences to accompany ceremonials and to treat health and emotional balance. Today, in the midst of modern life, it is increasingly evident how emotional well-being is an essential component for achieving psychophysical balance. The Australian Bush Flower Essences - are now used all over the world to help people better manage the situations that characterize their daily life. Australian Bush Flowers are precious preparations, obtained using Australian Flowers collected from plants that grow spontaneously in the most ancient continent, in uncontaminated places and whose properties make them truly unique remedies.

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