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Emotional and Natural Cosmetics Natur

Natur cosmetics is made up of emotional cosmetics lines and natural cosmetics lines.

Emotional cosmetics

By mixing Bach flower fragrances, with a perfect alchemical dosage, Natur Milano has created a line of perfumes that combines Italian style, elegance and body care. A line of aromas that puts the person in harmony with what surrounds him and which is made up of the Adorami, Gioia Autentica and Pura Armonia lines. Fragrances have the ability to change our emotions and those of those around us.

Our research has roots in the alchemical tradition that comes from the sand of the deserts of the Middle East. The place where Farid al-Din 'Attar lived, a mystic and famous poet who used his knowledge in the field of perfumery to compose love serums, immortal verses and healing potions.

Natural Cosmetics

For his natural skincare product lines, Jason has drawn on a path back to simple, healthy ingredients that have been shown to be safer and have been shown to work together in naturally effective ways.

The founders of the brand set out to create safe and healthy products for the whole family In 1959, when the Jason brand was founded, being safe and healthy simply meant avoiding certain chemicals. While the list of synthetics and chemicals it chooses not to use in formulations is constantly expanding, the brand also sets the industry standard in safety testing.