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Natural supplements for the immune system

The proper functioning of our immune defenses is of fundamental importance for maintaining the well-being of the whole organism.

Sometimes, however, our immune system may find itself in trouble and fail to fully perform its protective functions. The causes of this can be many, from stress and fatigue to pathological factors.

When the lowering of our defenses is not caused by particular diseases or pathological conditions, or simply when we need to strengthen our immune system , the use of some types of natural remedies and supplements that contain them could prove useful.

How to prevent the lowering of the immune defenses

Proper nutrition is important for every living organism, because food allows us to extract the nutrients that each of us needs to stay healthy.

Improper nutrition, high intake of antibiotics, a sedentary lifestyle and an inadequate night's rest can undermine our defenses. It has also been shown that chronic stress alters bacterial flora causing the engraftment of pathogenic species.

Stress therefore increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as flu and cold but also leads to alterations in the functionality of the intestine (constipation or diarrhea), candida vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis.

Supplements to support the immune system

The elements that certainly help the most in the defense of our body are undoubtedly some vitamins and some minerals .

Vitamin C , thanks to its strong antioxidant action, counteracts the spread of free radicals. In addition to its antioxidant action, vitamin C helps the functionality of some cells of the immune system. It acts on the first line of defense, our skin, in fact intervenes in the synthesis of collagen: helping to keep skin and mucous membranes intact.

Vitamin D for many experts leads to a significant decrease in respiratory infections. Our body is only able to produce vitamin D if we expose ourselves to the sun. It acts on the second line of defense, phagocytes, cells of the immune system capable of "ingesting" external agents, protecting us from their attack. Vitamin D is in fact able to improve phagocytosis.

Zinc , the deficiency of which prevents the correct functioning of our defenses, finally acts on the third line of defense, lymphocytes and antibodies, cells of the immune system, promoting their development and functionality.

The PNEI Pharma line of supplements

Natur's PNEI Pharma line and personal defense devices.

The PNEI line is inspired by the current knowledge deriving from the study of this new medical discipline, the psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology. Based on this knowledge, the PNEI Natur line was born, a range of products designed to support and integrate traditional oncological therapies.