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First Comfort Natur

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Primo Conforto Natur - Natur Flower Therapy

Emergency, accidents, trauma, panic, fear and anxiety.

PRIMO CONFORTO® STOCK is prepared following the original instructions of Dr. Edward Bach and contains the five floral essences of the classic "rescue" combination: Cherry Plum, Clemaatis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

It is the emergency remedy useful in all cases in which one is emotionally unstable on the psycho-energetic level, such as in the case of shock, trauma, panic, emotional catharsis and violent outbursts, dissociation due to sudden events such as accidents or bad news. Very useful when you need to stay calm in stressful situations such as major doctor visits, surgeries that can cause anxiety, high tension and emotional stress. The synergy of the contained flower essences recovers the psycho-emotional balance giving a deep sense of relaxation and relaxation, of mental clarity, calm and stability and great strength and courage in extreme situations.

Information on Primo Conforto Natur

PRIMO CONFORTO® DROPS with Bach Natur Flowers is the remedy for all emergency situations: mental or physical shock, terror and panic, deep emotional disturbances such as mourning or bad news; first aid remedy in case of accidents. Of absolute benefit before medical, dental or any situation that causes anxiety and tension.