Wild Earth Compound Formula - Communion with God 30 ml

Unity with the Divine in the spiritual path.

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Wild Earth Animal Essences

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The formula helps in experiencing unity with the Divine. Support for any spiritual practice and to broaden one's views beyond the materialism of existence.

The formula consists of 5 animal essences:
Dove - for peace of heart
Aquila: for openness to the Divine and to develop wisdom of views
Tiger - calms the haunted mind
Blue heron: spiritual connection - rooted communion with the divine.
Fawn: lightness of spirit and awareness.


Fill a 30 ml dropper bottle with water 3/4 of the volume, and 1/4 full with brandy. Add 5-6 drops of the chosen essence from the stock bottle. Take 5-7 sublingual drops of the prepared dosage, 3-4 times a day. Before taking, shake the dosage slightly to keep the essences in an enhanced vibrational state. Increase or decrease the frequency of intake according to personal sensitivity to the essences. Keep away from radiation and electromagnetic sources such as TV, cell phones, computers ...

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