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The first line of Bach Flowers by Natur

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Natur is the symbol of Floritherapy in Italy produced with consistency, reliability, quality and fidelity to the true principles and methods of preparation of Dr. Edward Bach.

The Bach method in Natur essences

The Bach flowers owe their name to Edward Bach, well-known Welsh physician, immunologist and pathologist, lived in England in the last century.

He was the first to have the intuition of using the positive energy contained in flowers to counteract negative moods and harmonize emotional imbalances.

Spiritual Remedies for over 30 years selects only the best of flower therapy from all over the world, offering vibrational remedies intact, powerful and of excellent quality, which help the potential kept in each of us to blossom with kindness.
From this experience comes the line Natur Bach Flower Essences , produced in Italy with the highest quality standards

Natur Bach
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Dr. Bach

Edward Bach graduated in 1912 in medicine and immediately embarks on a brilliant hospital career in London, where he distinguished by his studies avant-garde, especially in the field of vaccines.

Within a few years, however, develops a real impatience with the mechanistic approach of traditional medicine, aimed at treating the disease without considering the sick in its psychological, emotional and spiritual globality.

For this reason, therefore decides to settle in the campaign Welsh and to devote himself exclusively to research. Always fascinated by the therapeutic virtues of plants, Bach studies and selects 38 flowers, establishing a correlation between these and the states human soul.

It’s the beginning official of Flower Therapy, a system of care recognized from World Health Organization (OMS) since 1976.

The 12 Healers

They are the first flowers discovered by Edward Bach between 1930 and 1931 in Wales. The first 12 Healers represent the basic typological remedies, the 12 qualities of the soul, that is, the range of the most rooted constitutional attitudes of the personality.

The 7 Helpers

They are remedies for chronic conditions such as hopelessness or exhaustion. They are often used as a support in combination with a remedy chosen from the Twelve Healers.

The other 19

These remedies concern the most reactive emotional states caused by trauma or difficulty , in every situation of daily life.