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The company is dedicated exclusively to the production of Bach flowers and still does so with the same attention and care as in the beginning.

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History of Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs was founded in 1988 by Julian Barnard : the world’s leading expert on the correct preparation of mother tincture and stock of Bach Flowers , based on the writings of Dr. Edward Bach .

The headquarters of Healing Herbs is located on the border between England and Wales, near the Brecon Beacons National Park. Its natural springs and pure air currents from the west make it an ideal place for the preparation of high quality Bach flowers.

healing herbs

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Bach Educational

The Bach Educational Program : a program of education, training and dissemination of the original writings left by Dr. Edward Bach. Their book “Edward Bach’s Healing Herbs” written in 1988, represents the most authoritative text in the world on how to prepare essences correctly.

Since 1988, the year of birth of Healing Herbs, and even after Murray’s death in 1997, Barnard has continued its dissemination and activity.

For 30 years personally prepares each essence with pure spring water and organic French brandy. In his books he describes in great detail the places, the best times for harvesting flowers, the areas in England where plants grow and where Bach discovered, the first remedy Impatiens, which is located near the Healing Herbs headquarters. Above all, it collects professional information on how to prepare the mother tincture and dilutions following the instructions of Dr. Bach and Nora Weeks to the letter, with extreme attention to every detail.

Next Julian Barnard also found Bach Flower Research Program , a research site on the wonderful properties of Bach Flowers, with feedback from therapists from all over the world and in collaboration with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, of the FES Society of Californian Essences.

Healing Herbs is currently used by therapists and practitioners from all over the world. The quality of the product and the reliability of Healing Herbs have spread to America, Asia, Australia, South and Central Africa and all over Europe.

It is therefore no coincidence that the tests to which the products have been subjected have revealed that their energetic vibration is higher, in intensity, than that of all the other manufacturers of the remedies of Bach and their healing potential is much deeper and faster.

healing herbs