Cosmetics natural and emotional

Natural cosmetics

Natur cosmetics is made up of emotional lines and natural lines.

Fragrances have the ability to change our emotions and those of those around us.

Mixing the fragrances with Bach flowers, with a perfect alchemical dosage Natur Milano has created a line of perfumes that combines Italian style, elegance and body care. A line of aromas that puts the person in harmony with their surroundings.

Jason tapped into the pioneering spirit that was so much a part of his Californian heritage and embarked on a path of rediscovery.

His is It has been a path of back to simple, healthy ingredients that have proven safer and been shown to work together in naturally effective ways.


Management and Marketing

Via M. Macchi 10
20124 Milan Italy
VAT Number 02818790236
REA: MI – 1557813
Tel. 026693950 – Fax 026700708

Administration and logistics

Via San Salvaro 4/6 37045
San Pietro di Legnago (VR)
Tel. 0442601634 – Fax 0442601028


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