Australian Bush Single Essence - Bluebell 15 ml

Free expression of emotions. Ability to give and share.

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

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Negative condition
• closure
• greed
• stiffness

Positive development
• opening of the heart
• joyful sharing


This essence, prepared in the Olga, one of the main spiritual centers of Australia, helps to open the heart and is suitable for those who have difficulty in coming into contact with the sphere of feelings, and who block the expression of emotions.
Essence favors the free expression of one's ego, trust in abundance, optimism and a renewed trust in the Universe. It is therefore also suitable for those who are unable to materially share with others and who have a miserly or possessive behavior.


Fill a 30 ml bottle with dropper 3/4 of the volume with water and 1/4 full with brandy. Add 7 drops of each flower essence chosen from the stock bottle. Take 7 drops under the tongue of the prepared dosage, 2 times a day. Keep away from electromagnetic sources such as TV, cell phones, computers.

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