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Compound Formula Australian Bush - Calm & Clear 20 ml Oral Spray

Relaxation, calm and stability.

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

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Negative condition
• impatience
• always in a hurry
• concern
• little time for oneself

Positive development
• helps you relax and have fun
• helps you relax and have fun
• gives calm and serenity
• encourages you to take time and space for yourself


Composed of Black-Eyed Susan, Bottlebrush, Boronia, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Jacaranda, Little Flannel Flower and Paw Paw essences.
It helps counteract anxiety, promotes relaxation and reduces physical discomfort caused by stress. Harmonizing biological rhythms and improving the quality of sleep in adults and children, allowing the relaxation necessary for a good restful sleep to be achieved. It allows you to learn to delegate tasks, to dedicate time and space to yourself without being overwhelmed by agitation and worry.


The Spray can be used frequently.

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