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Pnei Pharma: natural supplements for your immune system

The PNEI line is inspired by the current knowledge deriving from the study of this new medical discipline, the psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology .

Pnei Pharma: what is Pnei

PNEI argues that there is a chemical equivalent for every emotional state and every state of consciousness that mediates the psychic and spiritual super-sensible realities on a physical level. Immune system, endocrine system and nervous system represent the three fundamental structures that integrate human biology.

The Pnei goes beyond the psychosomatic conception of the disease, it focuses on the psychochemical processes at the base of our state of health. It emphasizes the importance of the immune system as a conduit for emotion on the body.

Our Pnei line

The Pnei Pharma line supports a new biomedical science and reinterprets the pathogenic understanding of the disease. Pnei Pharma carries on with passion and care the primary objective: to offer a complete range of preparations that guarantee a real use of their components. It is therefore a rational formulation that allows for optimal absorption and maximum "bioavailability". The PNEI line overcomes the separation between organic and psychological causes.

History of Pnei

In the 1980s, various groups of scientists demonstrated the existence of interactions between the immune and neuroendocrine systems. They constitute a single functional unit, being the various proteins produced by immune cells (cytokines) capable of influencing both nervous and endocrine activity.

The affirmation that everything is chemically mediated means attesting how any therapeutic approach, be it chemical or bioenergetic, to be effective must induce psychochemical changes. For this reason, this concept becomes the integrative principle of all possible medical therapies, configuring itself as the only true holistic medicine .

Pnei in oncology

By biological anti-tumor therapy we mean the use of substances present in nature in the plant world but also in the human body itself. The biological response includes the behavior of those biological systems, on whose correct functionality depends the control of cell proliferation and differentiation and immune reactivity. So it is the immune system and the neuroendocrine system, which the PNEI has shown constitute a single functional unit. Biological anticancer therapy is based on a perfect knowledge of the psychoneuroimmunological condition that characterizes the state of health.

Based on this knowledge, the PNEI Natur line was born, a range of products designed to support and integrate traditional oncological therapies. Some studies show that the main psychological feature found in a patient suffering from a tumor is anhedonia . It is the progressive loss of the ability to feel pleasure: as the disease progresses, the patient no longer feels interest in life. He loses the sense of taste, of beauty, of pleasure, both in a material sense and in a spiritual sense. This is associated with impaired immunity. In addition, another aspect that has recently been studied concerns unconscious self-punishment. Cancer is symbolized by the patient as the ultimate and extreme attempt to consign his body to destruction. For example, by not reacting, it activates a subtype of lymphocytes (T-reg) that stimulate tumor spread through the suppression of anticancer immunity. The study therefore suggests that an unconscious feeling of punishment is associated with a weakening of the immune defenses, inhibiting an effective anti-cancer response.