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Tibetan waters essences

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Power. Mental stress. Weak circulation. Strengthen the will...

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Live in the present. Muscle aches and inflammation. Format:...

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The Cristalmantra Tibetan Waters were born by Norma Stocco, in Italy.

These are the wonderful elixirs of gems, crystals and precious stones, whose vibrational charge is enhanced by a Mantra, a Spiritual Chant that makes the waters extremely eclectic, therefore energetically adaptable to the person and his needs.
They make a significant contribution to vibrational medicine, as they are a wonderful example of resonating with our energy fields.

The principle on which they are based is the memory of water.

Water will adapt to the type of need, whether it is to balance the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects, or whether it is to balance the physical plane and solve problems and physical discomforts.

Some Tibetan Cristalmantra Waters, for example those prepared with gold, silver, rose quartz, diamond, etc., when they have to work on the subtle plane of the Soul, reach 72,000 Angstroms of energy on the Bovis scale.

These waters support us in the path of our soul, allowing us to expand our awareness, to embrace the beauty and vastness of ourselves and the Universe.